What would they know? – by Polka Dot Bride.


Creativity of any sort gets me excited and enthusiastic. The energy, the imagination and stickability through all the highs and lows of starting a business and maintaining it, is something to be admired. So it is with excitement that we introduce Carla of Made With Love – based on the Gold Coast. But not only has Carla created her own business making and designing beautiful wedding gowns,  her husband Josh is creating a menswear business Made With Class, in response to  queries from brides for the men in their lives to look equally smart and special on their wedding day. So a one stop shop if you will – clothes for both the bride and the groom in the one place – both with a sense of style and panache. Here’s the story of this dynamic duo.



A short while ago, you opened a new business – Made with Class – for the groom and groomsmen. What was the concept behind this business?

Well, it started (again) from brides joking that they wished we had a Made with Love for the men in their bridal parties. I would always laugh it off, but when I told my husband – aka best dressed winner of several events – he thought it was a great idea! It’s really exciting to work alongside Josh, and seeing him so passionate about materials and designs inspires me.

What do you offer the men?

Oh, everything that Josh can think of! Suits, custom-made suits, ties, bow ties, suspenders, even socks. If Josh could include the kitchen sink, he would only be too happy to!

Are the suits tailor made?

Absolutely. Josh can recommend suits based on body structure if the men need some help too. Some men find it a daunting experience to be responsible for their own suit but Made with Class makes it an easy and enjoyable experience.


Do you have a wide variety of fabrics – types and colours to choose from?

Yes. Well, we have the most stylish and practical! Together with the groom, Josh discusses elements such as climate, setting and budget, and what influence each factor should carry. We have merino wool, 100% wool, wool blends, cotton blends and linen. Regarding colours, we have a small collection so far, but we are including more and more colour. Josh has already picked out a maroon coloured suit for The State of Origin games, and I’ve spotted him working on some really striking sets that are sure to be trendsetters.

How long from the first consultation to the deliver of the suit should the groom allow?

We recommend between 4-6 months, beginning with an hour consultation with Josh. Suits are very complicated and we have to ensure they are a perfect fit so we wouldn’t want to have any less time than that.


Do you offer accessories for men?

Yes, of course. We have all sorts of ties, bow ties, pocket squares, pins, suspenders and socks too.


Working side by side with your husband: how do you decompress after a busy day and not talk about work after business hours?

Not very well! But we do try harder on date night to not talk about work; it’s just hard not to talk about it when it’s something that you love and spend most of your time doing. We endeavour to improve…

Your favourite honeymoon destination is

BORA BORA!            (Maybe if I say it enough, Josh will get the hint? :)


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