Every man needs a canvas suit

After months of tailor making fused canvas suits, we’re now introducing semi-canvassed and full-canvassed suits to our customers . We’re excited and know our customers will be too – here’s why:

canvas suit

Our popular fused suits are comfortable on the body and easy on the wallet. They are very popular and keep their shape with the aide of the fusible interlining glued to the fabric. Due to the glue used however, bubbles can sometimes form with over-cleaning on the front of the jacket. Big name brands and budget lines both produce fused suits – and so do we, albeit the classier tailored kind. They are perfect to make a statement at your next race day or sporting event.

Newly introduced are our semi-canvassed and full-canvassed suits. They are more prestigious and constructed more intricately, and only made by master tailors. Instead of glue and interlining fusing, they are made with horsehair canvas sewn into the suit that sits neatly between the wool and lining of your jacket. The canvas provides structure and distributes stress away from tension points, and adds statement to your lapels. In the full-canvas jacket, the canvas runs the vertical length of the front; in the semi-canvas jacket, the canvas runs from the shoulder to the waist of the front. The canvas ensures an excellent fit on the debut outing and looks better with use as it naturally adjusts to your body while maintaining structure.

canvas suit

Semi-canvassed suits are a perfect balance between excellent craftsmanship and affordability. Because of the skill of the tailor required, they are generally a better style and cut than a fused suit, but less costly than a full-canvas suit. Depending on your budget, you can opt for trendy or classic looks.

Full-canvassed suits are lifetime buys. Even though cheaper options have improved over the years, the full-canvas suit fit is unparalleled in the short and long-term. As such, we recommend a classic look rather than bold or trendy choices.

In the history of suit-making, no one has been known to regret a canvas suit.