About Us

Made With Class is the brother business of internationally recognised wedding boutique ‘Made with Love Bridal‘.

My wife created Made With Love in June 2013 because she found it so difficult to find her dream wedding dress at an affordable price. I also experienced the same problem. I always imagined that I’d purchase a tailor made suit for my wedding day, however I ended up settling for a cheaper option, that was made from inferior fabric and needed numerous alterations prior to the big day.

Eighteen months after the wedding and my wedding suit looks tattered despite only having worn it a handful of times. In hind-sight I know now that there was no chance of us budgeting for a tailor made suit for my wedding day because the options available were simply too expensive. We also wanted to purchase our groomsmen’s suits as a thank you gift which made the dream completely unfeasible. Just like Carla, I too feel that there was a gap in the market for affordable suits made to measure.

Lads, we all know the wedding day is all about your future wife, but don’t think your style goes unnoticed. The ladies spend thousands on their wedding dresses and only wear it once in their life. You get to wear your suit whenever you please, so you may as well get spruced up and give your Mrs a run for best dressed on the day.

I know a lot of guys who would look quite dapper in a tailor made suit, but never bite the bullet because they either can’t afford it or would feel guilty spending so much money. Nobody can argue that they don’t feel good wearing a classy suit that fits them perfectly. You might not have a million bucks but you sure as hell can feel like it. Have a look at our first collection now.