Why Spending Less Money on a Cheap Suit Will End Up Costing You More

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It’s a harsh fact, but often what you pay for is what you get. The money you save on cheap wedding suits and dresses will often come back to haunt you. Imagine seeing the blushing bride walking down the isle, love in her eyes as she anticipates standing next to her groom to be at the alter. Then, she notices the man of her dreams tragically draped in a baggy tuxedo, mismatched buttons and poorly hanging lapels. Why is she marrying this fool?

Cheap Suit Cheap Suit

Think about this: would you skimp on the repairs to the breaks in your car? Would you skimp on medical care opting to take advice from that creepy guy that hangs around the alley behind the local 7-11? What about skimping on the money you put in the meter to pay for parking? How does that often turn out? See the pattern here? Nothing good comes from the practices of the cheapskate.

To put it bluntly, a cheap wedding suit will always be inferior, when compared to a bespoke tailored suit.

Cheaper suits will often be fabricated using poor materials. Even if they had fit perfectly upon purchase, they will eventually lose their shape over time; falling to the will of gravity like the skin on your grandpa’s cheeks.

Another pitfall of the cheaper suit lies in the effect of ‘Pilling’, which is caused by loose shapeless fabrics rubbing against each other, resulting in the fabrics breaking off and piling up into little balls, making your suit appear to be covered in tiny dull unimaginative Christmas tree decorations. You know the look; the same look as your favourite pair of pyjama pants you wear around the house each and every winter. Let’s face it; you’re no Hugh Heffner.

Skimping, here and there, to save a few bucks for your bar tab will only provide you with a disposable one time only suit. You have essentially thrown your hard earned cash into the bin, right where that cheap suit ought to be.

Spending a little extra and purchasing a suit made from wool is the safest bet for achieving the best bang for your buck. Wool provides a natural alternative to synthetic materials, which have been known to cause an allergic reaction amongst some of us in the gentleman class. Wool is also more durable and will last a lot longer than that of cheaper fabrics.

Another downside to opting for the cheaper suit relates to the quality and care taken during fabrication. The low cost suit, more often that not, is mass-produced by machinery, under little to no supervision, and forget quality control. Spending just that little extra provides piece of mind; knowing that you are paying for the care of quality that only those dedicated to the industry and the craft can provide.


Ordering men’s wedding suits from online companies such as Made With Class Suits  located on the Gold Coast in Australia, means you are receiving an affordable product form a company with quality and style as their prerogative.

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