More often than not you’ll spend more time choosing your suit’s features and fabrics than the actual amount of time you’ll spend wearing it. Don’t put your wedding suit in the garment bag and shove it in the back corner of your closet! It’s time to get creative and maximise the mileage on your garment! Here is some nice little tips to ensure that you get the most out of your wedding suit once your actual wedding day is done and dusted.


Switch up the waistcoat.

If you wore a three piece suit for your wedding day, don’t be scared to leave the waistcoat in the cupboard. We recommend leaving the waistcoat for special occasions! Don’t be that guy who wears a three piece everywhere he goes. Unless your name is Connor McGregor it’s probably not a good idea. Bring the waistcoat out of retirement when you head to the races.

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Why not mix it up. Pair your waistcoat up with just the trousers and leave your jacket at home. This is a great way to dress down and keep cool whilst still looking smart. If you’re sick of wearing a suit all together you could always try throwing on the waistcoat with your favourite pair of dark denim jeans, semi cutaway shirt and a pair of boots. Just don’t drown your hair in product or else you may look like you’re trying too hard 😉

jeans-waistcoat1 jeans-waistcoat2 jeans-waistcoat3


Let your suit  jacket fly solo.

Take the jacket and use it as a blazer! This is a common practice for many stylish gents. Your tailored jacket should be so well fit that it will be able to survive on its own without the support of matching trousers.  Blazers look great with a nice cut of blue jeans and  t-shirt and patent leather lace-ups.

blazer-combo-3 blazer-combo-2 blazer-combo

trousers+shirt2You can do the same with your trousers.  Using your tailored trousers with your favourite button down is a great way to pull off semi-casual. Stretch your investment entirely and wear your pants with a crisp, polo and some cool fresh kicks.