50 Shades of Grey – Tailored Suits Editions

At least once a week we get asked the question, “If I could only choose one colour suit, what colour should it be?” This might come across as a relatively simple question to answer for some, however we promise you it’s not.

We guarantee that the majority of the public would say that ‘navy’ is the colour to choose, and maybe they’re correct. However, we’re here to argue why you should consider one of the many shades of grey as an alternative option.

Tailored Suits Editions 2016

Don’t get us wrong, we still believe that navy makes for an awesome daytime and business suit. We Just don’t believe that it matches up in versatility against a grey suit.

Long gone are the days of the ‘smart relaxed’ look. Douse your collection of chinos with fuel and set a match to them because the time has come to get down and suit up!


Tailored Suits Editions

So we have your attention now, you’re interested in a grey suit. Good, now we’re going to tell you some tips to help you choose which shade, because there is literally 50 of them. To make this blog palatable we’re going to stick to a more definitive question, Light Grey or Dark Grey? Once you decide that then your selection process will be much easier.

Traditionally, the darker the grey the more formal the suit is considered. We’re speaking from first hand experience when we say that it’s easier to accessorise with darker suits than it is with the lighter alternative.

Take this example of formal styling for your dark grey suit:

Weddings – A crisp white shirt with a patterned tie and matching accessories.

Tailored Suits Editions 2016

Tailored Suits









Funerals – A plain black shirt, high shine black shoes and your choice of black tie.

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Formal events – French cuffed, cutaway collar with your choice of bow-tie and an understated pocket square.

Business Attire – Checked Shirt with a solid tie and tie pin.

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Light grey is also very versatile and should exist in the wardrobe of any sophisticated suit-wearer. Men who sport suits out of business necessity will naturally want to opt for darker colors and more conservative choices; men who want to look sharp when they go out socially can wear light grey with confidence. The color will stand out as a consciously-thought choice rather than a default style. Wearing a light grey suit is is a great way to feel like you’re dapperly dressed without feeling like you’re in a business meeting.

Men who reside or work in hot, humid climates will also want to think about investing in a light grey suit, especially one that is lined with 100% natural fibers like ours at Made with Class Suits. It’s no surprise that dress codes tend to relax as the thermometer climbs, meaning that a light grey suit might be a more useful piece of business wear for those working in a tropical climate.

At the end of the day, light grey isn’t a suit that every man needs – but it’s a colour that nearly any man can look good in if he wants to. Many of our customers are using their light grey blazers in combinations of blue or black trousers, getting the maximum mileage out of their garment. This looks fantastic.

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Adding a light gray suit to the closet gives you a powerful tool for social occasions and a unique chance to stand out in a crowd. Here’s an example of some light grey options.

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We’re all about dashing specimens in tailored suits – intricate, hidden elements that become apparent at just the right time. In this styled shoot for Made With Love Bridal’s newest addition to the family – their brother company Made With ClassDream Destination Weddings capture the contours and seamless fits of the designs, evoking a real sense of suave style. There’s a fresh, crisp feel to these garments for both the groom and bride, the rich, deep colours of the suits reflecting the richness of the lace details in the gowns. Subtle details like the contrasting threads in the buttons of the shirts give new life to the idea of groom’s fashion, and we’re loving that the custom designs are making real headway, with the focus shifting from perfecting just the bride’s outfit to ensuring our man also comes up nicely.




In memory of Ronald Close

In the early hours of Sunday, 15th of March 2015 my wife and I received some saddening news. Carla’s ‘Popsie’ had passed away. The end of a lifetime for a wonderful husband, a caring father and a beloved Popsie.  Ronald was an amazing person and made me personally feel like I needed to be a better man every time I left his presence.

In that later months of his life, Ronald struggled speak let alone move. However this didn’t stop him from being a respectful gentleman to those around him.  Despite Popsie’s difficulty to move, he would insist on standing to greet a lady or carry their bags even though they were more capable than he was. When Popsie first entered palliative care he moved slowly around the home  introducing himself to everyone he laid eyes on with the most stern handshake he could muster. Popsie was proof that chivalry still exists, and I for one have never met such a gentlemen.


There were three qualities in Popsie that always made me smile. 1) Popsie loved to eat his chippies before the family meal, this reminded me so much of my wife. 2) No matter how he felt, or what his circumstance Popsie would never complain. Ever! From this day forth whenever I hear the words “I’m fine thank you” I will always be reminded of Popsie. 3) The love he had for his wife Kath. A few weeks prior to Popsie’s passing Carla and I transported Gran to see him, and to sneak him in his favorite meal. When we entered his room he looked straight through me and Carla as it seemed he only had eyes for Granny. With eyes widened with glee and a smile beaming with love, you could tell that the two were the definition of soul mates. After our visit Popsie turned to me and Carla and said, “thank you for bringing my angel”. I was brought to tears watching Gran and Pops try to kiss each-other goodbye. With all his remaining strength Popsie was able to lean over close enough to receive a kiss on the forehead from Gran. “Good-bye my precious… good-bye my angel”, said repeatedly until their hands eventually separated.

with cj in hospital

Gran spent the last two weeks sleeping next to Popsie whilst he was in care. She insisted that she be next to him as he took his last breath, and that’s exactly how it happened. I told Gran that there was some comfort to be found in the fact that Popsie passed away with his true love by his side. Granny just smiled and said she wouldn’t have it any other way. I have such admiration for Gran and her ability to have stayed so strong throughout this entire ordeal. We’ve lost such a great man, but aren’t we lucky to have had Ronald in our lives.

To our Popsie

To our dearest Ronald, a humbling man you’ve been.

You’ve been the finest gentleman, to that I’ve ever seen.

I will miss you very much, just like all the rest.

We’ll miss you around the dinner table because you were simply just the best!

From your first grandson Grantie, to your darling Brittney Bate.

We were all barracking for you in your fight against ‘the fate’.

I’m sure your biggest worry was how your Kath would cope once you leave.

We all know you’ll be watching over her, giving her comfort as she grieves.

Don’t worry Popsie, we’re here for Granny. So in these words I’ll make a toast.

Just like your surname, we will always keep her Close.

Rest in Peace Ronald

J+C xx

We made a decision prior to Popsie’s death that we would name our finest suit after him. If you wish to view the ‘Ronald’ tuxedo click here.