Wedding Suits: The Crossroads, Where Quality and Affordable Meet

Some say that first impressions are all that matter. Sadly, once that opportunity to make a first impression is gone, it is gone forever. Appearance is often the key factor in deciding whether your first impression is a successful encounter, or a terrible embarrassment. Your appearance is an illustration of your character, and your attention to detail can be the difference between using a paintbrush and a crayon.

a814fa9ccec812f9aec5d1adcb492947 Wedding Suits

Wedding Suits

The impression you make is not necessarily related to the price tag of your suit, but rather to the care taken in your selection. Purchasing a high priced outfit from the leading brand is not always the best option. Your first priority when selecting a suit should be the fit and the image of class that you gain by wearing it. You shouldn’t sacrifice your potential first impression, and your hard earned money, by opting for brand recognition, and price tag, as the driving factor behind you selection criteria. The suit should enable you to stand out from the crowd, and not as an advertisement for the brand.

When buying your suit, remember that the best choice is the one that fits like a second skin. Making keen choices on the suit’s style, based on aesthetics and your preference for comfort, can easily see your affordable suit outshine that of any overpriced name brand.

Consider these style options:

The Slim Fit – This is that second skin we were talking about earlier. This suit shows off the body you have been working hard in the gym for and the ladies will know it. Imagine yourself addressing the room like James Bond, shaken not stirred. Though slim fitting, this style of suit is versatile: suiting various body types and is non restrictive to your movements.

The Classic Fit – This style is smooth and comfortable, a style fitting for Hugh Heffner if he ever needed to replace his silk pyjamas. A cut designed to provide room through the shoulders and chest enables the broader gentleman to spread his arms across the back of the chair as he takes a deep puff on his cigar; now that’s a man’s man.

The Modern Fit – Sitting on the fence regarding the Slim and Classic Fit? Well, there is a name for men like you, and that’s modern. If you want something with more room that the Slim Fit, while letting everyone know you’re sporting the frame of a Spartan, this style has got you covered.

If you’re after a suit for that special occasion, like your wedding day, you may want to choose something that you could wear on future occasions. Ordering a custom tailored suit online from Made With Class Suits on the Gold Coast, means you can be sure that you will find the right balance between quality and cost, while retaining the level of customisation that guarantees satisfaction.

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Cristiano Del Giacco is a well travelled, health conscious modern man, and a keen observer of life.

A freelance writer and guest blogger, he offers examples of his work and contact details at


50 Shades of Grey – Tailored Suits Editions

At least once a week we get asked the question, “If I could only choose one colour suit, what colour should it be?” This might come across as a relatively simple question to answer for some, however we promise you it’s not.

We guarantee that the majority of the public would say that ‘navy’ is the colour to choose, and maybe they’re correct. However, we’re here to argue why you should consider one of the many shades of grey as an alternative option.

Tailored Suits Editions 2016

Don’t get us wrong, we still believe that navy makes for an awesome daytime and business suit. We Just don’t believe that it matches up in versatility against a grey suit.

Long gone are the days of the ‘smart relaxed’ look. Douse your collection of chinos with fuel and set a match to them because the time has come to get down and suit up!


Tailored Suits Editions

So we have your attention now, you’re interested in a grey suit. Good, now we’re going to tell you some tips to help you choose which shade, because there is literally 50 of them. To make this blog palatable we’re going to stick to a more definitive question, Light Grey or Dark Grey? Once you decide that then your selection process will be much easier.

Traditionally, the darker the grey the more formal the suit is considered. We’re speaking from first hand experience when we say that it’s easier to accessorise with darker suits than it is with the lighter alternative.

Take this example of formal styling for your dark grey suit:

Weddings – A crisp white shirt with a patterned tie and matching accessories.

Tailored Suits Editions 2016

Tailored Suits









Funerals – A plain black shirt, high shine black shoes and your choice of black tie.

Tailored Suits Editions 2016 reviews1ac4c7e13c62230f0d5da33ca40b03a6

Formal events – French cuffed, cutaway collar with your choice of bow-tie and an understated pocket square.

Business Attire – Checked Shirt with a solid tie and tie pin.

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Light grey is also very versatile and should exist in the wardrobe of any sophisticated suit-wearer. Men who sport suits out of business necessity will naturally want to opt for darker colors and more conservative choices; men who want to look sharp when they go out socially can wear light grey with confidence. The color will stand out as a consciously-thought choice rather than a default style. Wearing a light grey suit is is a great way to feel like you’re dapperly dressed without feeling like you’re in a business meeting.

Men who reside or work in hot, humid climates will also want to think about investing in a light grey suit, especially one that is lined with 100% natural fibers like ours at Made with Class Suits. It’s no surprise that dress codes tend to relax as the thermometer climbs, meaning that a light grey suit might be a more useful piece of business wear for those working in a tropical climate.

At the end of the day, light grey isn’t a suit that every man needs – but it’s a colour that nearly any man can look good in if he wants to. Many of our customers are using their light grey blazers in combinations of blue or black trousers, getting the maximum mileage out of their garment. This looks fantastic.

12662715_435190400002801_7672063230133683373_n 12705572_436212906567217_812250727427459061_n

Adding a light gray suit to the closet gives you a powerful tool for social occasions and a unique chance to stand out in a crowd. Here’s an example of some light grey options.

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12670848_434880853367089_2610206840488007416_n ace7e20691b48a0e29aa39fd7791b3bf

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Gold Coast Weddings Suit Tips | Wedding custom suits

Gold Coast Weddings Suit

Gentlemen, it’s time to face the facts: When it comes to weddings, it’s all about the bride. This shouldn’t be alarming news for you. From the instant you propose right through to the reception you will be on the outskirts of the spotlight.  And then of course, there’s the wedding dress.  Good food and tear jerking speeches will generate some buzz, but one thing’s for certain, at the end of the day everyone will look back and think about THAT DRESS. As gentlemen we wouldn’t want it any other way, but surely theirs something in it for us?  Lucky for you, we have some tips.

Invest in a quality suit. Avoid renting.

Somewhere down the line someone thought it was a good idea to rent a
suit or tuxedo for the big day. If this is you, we don’t totally blame you for it either. After all you’re only going to be wearing the suit for a few hours. However, we’re gentlemen now, this isn’t your high school formal. Seldom does a rented suit fit perfectly, nor is it exactly the type of suit you imagined. Not to mention, if you rent you’ll be wearing the exact suit as someone else wore on their special day.

Gold Coast Weddings Suits

Leave the corporate suits for work. 

So often we have customers who will design their suit to be one that they can wear after their wedding day. Deep down we can see some who want to be outlandish and different but fear what others may think. Take a risk because you want to look like you’re getting married, not doing a PowerPoint presentation?

Suiting up is one of man’s finest luxuries. Why should you have to settle for your business suit or off the shelf rental? Be bold, mix things up and jump into something that you’re not normally used to. Throw in waistcoat or a different colour lining! Give your suit some personality and character, we guarantee it’ll pay off!


Let the suit do the talking.

Look at your budget and see where your money is going. This is your big day and it only comes around once (unless you’re Kim Kardashian). You’ve worked hard leading up to this momentous occasion and deserve to feel amazing whilst wearing your suit. We can tailor a bespoke suit to your measurements for a fraction of the big name brands. An affordable but perfectly cut suit will look like a million bucks. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about an expensive ill-fitted one.

Not long ago we walked into a reputable store the other day who were advertising a discount sale on their suits. After factoring in the discount the suit was still going to cost us more than $1000. This suit did not fit well at all. I felt like a complete clown. We asked the shop assistant if they had an alterations team who could take in the jacket and raise the sleeves but we were told that alterations would need to be arranged by us at our own expense. We walked away from the store feeling unsatisfied with the customer service, thank goodness we only wasted our time and not our money.

Don’t cut cost with fabric.brothers suit

A tailor’s magic can only do so much. Even the best tailors need quality fabric to construct a spectacular wedding suit. A baggy, shapeless composition will leave you looking like a prepubescent teen trying on his big brothers clothes. 

A quality cloth, on the other hand, will do just the opposite. Consider upgrading your suit to be canvased instead of fused, improving the longevity and shape of your jacket. Cutting cost now will cost you time and money in the future!

In conclusion  all the wedding guests will be staring at your beautiful fiancé/wife. However there will be a time throughout the ceremony where you’ll steal a few glances from your family and friends and you are going to make it count! Good luck gentlemen, have fun in the back seat but don’t let her walk completely over you haha.

Gold Coast Weddings


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Photographer Appreciation Post

Big thanks to Infinity Faith Photography and Set in Stone Photography.

Time for an appreciation post!!! Both Infinity Faith Photography and Set in Stone Photography recently helped us complete our first ever styled shoot without piggy backing off our sister business Made With Love Bridal.

The idea and vision of this shoot was to break away from the wedding scene and exhibit some our newest designs in a way that would be more appealing to our male customers. Despite it currently being winter in Australia, we wanted to show our versatility by unveiling some of our summer suits. Picking a suit for your wedding that you wish to wear after the fact is something that you should consider when shopping for your wedding suit.

Photographer Appreciation Post

Nathan from Set in Stone Photography.

Before we could shoot we needed to decide on a location. I rung Nathan from Set in Stone photography to see if he
knew off any cool places to complete the shoot.

Specializing in adventure sports photography, Nathan was aware of many cool locations and hidden gems local to our Made With Class Showroom. He’s best suggestion was Pizzey Park Skate Bowl. With a mix of old school graffiti and clean concrete skate bowls he knew that it would be the perfect location.

I was so pleased that Nathan had suggested Pizzey Park, and was absolutely blown away when he offered to be the second shooter for the day. Nathan and the team at Set in Stone Photography are passionate about all things photography and he was keen to play an active role in helping our vision come to life.

The lead photographer on the day was none other than Gerhard from Infinity Faith Photography. We originally became aware of Infinity Faith Photography through Made With Love Bridal who had used them numerous times on previous shoots. We absolutely loved the work they put together for our sister business and adore their photography portfolio.



Infinity Faith's Portfolio

Infinity Faith’s Portfolio

Gerhard gave us a pep talk prior to the shoot and made us clarify exactly what the purpose of the shoot was. He asked us questions like “what is the feel” and “who is the buyer”? Infinity Faith Photography wanted to make sure that not only were we clear on what we wanted, but how exactly he could assist us portray the look we wanted through his photographs. Gerhard is a dream photographer and knows how to direct a model and shoot with ease. He had the ability to direct and make constructive suggestions which in our opinion made the shoot a complete success.

We couldn’t be happier with how the shoot went. We’ve already received such great feedback, and orders of our new products. We couldn’t have done it without such enthusiastic photographers. Thank you Infinity Faith and Set in Stone. You’re absolute legends!!!


Matty & Alex Skating.


Below are some of our favorite pictures from each photographer.

Photos from Infinity Faith

Pictures of the Alex suit taken by Infinity Faith Photography.

Pictures of the Alex suit taken by Infinity Faith Photography.


Pictures of our Ryan suit by Infinity Faith Photography.


Set in Stone Photography capturing some awesome behind the scenes shots.


Set in Stone capturing the different looks of the versatile Ryan suit.