Kim and Joel didn’t let rain ruin their big day.

Modern Australian Farm Wedding077

Kim & Joel

The golden sunsets of the wide open land are enough to entice me to fall in love with a country wedding, but when it’s a beautiful modern Australian farm wedding like Kim and Joel’s complete with the memory of a sudden downpour, dancing in the farmhouse garden and dining under sparkling lights – it’s sure to be one best enjoyed over a cup of tea! Emma Nayler was there to capture it all.

On how they met, Kim tells, “We met through mutual friends years ago and started seeing each other 8 years ago.”

Modern Australian Farm Wedding023

Modern Australian Farm Wedding025


The bride chose her gown from The Babushka Ballerina , noting, “It was a two piece dress from the Babushka Ballerina, I selected it because it reflected my style, was timeless (hopefully!), and I felt comfortable in it. I wanted something that suited my usual style (for example I never wear strapless clothes, so didn’t want a strapless dress!). I had a great experience with dress hunting, but the decision was hard and in the end I just went with the dress that I felt myself in and that I would be most happy to still look back at in 20 years.”

The bride’s family farm hosted the wedding, Kim explaining, “We had the Ceremony and the Reception in my parent’s garden at “Hayfields”, my family property near Dalby, Queensland. We didn’t have it in a marquee or anything and it was all open air in the garden which was perfect for the casual and fun atmosphere we were aiming for. The garden was absolutely perfect and my parents put an incredible amount of work in to it in the year leading up.”

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Kay Graham officiated the ceremony, which included a surprise downpour! “We aimed for a casual and simple ceremony. It was in a separate part of the garden and included a mix of vintage chairs. We also used a vintage side table to sign our marriage certificates on which used to be my grandparent’s table. We wanted to keep it very pared back so the garden could shine through. We had a downpour of rain in the middle of the ceremony which made it a memorable experience, but the sun came out just in time for us to sign our certificates.”

Modern Australian Farm Wedding050

Modern Australian Farm Wedding051

Modern Australian Farm Wedding052

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“We loved having it at our family farm, our amazing bridal party, all of our friends and family who came together and put in an incredible amount of work, the fun and relaxed atmosphere, and the fact that everything about it reflected exactly who we are.”

Modern Australian Farm Wedding071
 Modern Australian Farm Wedding073

Modern Australian Farm Wedding076

Of their photographer, Kim notes, “Our photographer was fantastic. She was so easy to deal with the entire planning process and was a dream to work with on the day. She made the photographing experience so casual, relaxed and fun and was even kind enough to lend me her boots so I could trudge through the mud in the paddock while getting photos. I think the quality of her work does all the talking, though. She captured every little element perfectly and her photos reflect exactly how the day was.”

Modern Australian Farm Wedding083

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Modern Australian Farm Wedding090

Congratulations on your marriage Kim and Joel! To read the entire blog and see all the pictures visit Polka Dot Bride’s blog page Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Emma Nayler for sharing today’s celebration!

Photographer: Emma Nayler / Bride’s Dress: The Babushka Ballerina / Bride’s Shoes:Kate Spade / Bride’s Jewellery: Samantha Wills / Groom’s Attire: Made With Class / Groom’s Shoes: Jeff Banks / Groomsmen Attire: Spurling Formalwear / Bridesmaid Dresses: Samantha Rose / Bridesmaid Dresses: White Runway / Bridesmaid Dresses: Adrianna Papell / Bridesmaid Dresses: Paper Crown / Bridesmaid Dresses: Frock and Frill / Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS /Hairstylist: Katrina Devlin Hairstylist / Makeup Artist: Mirror Mirror Makeup Artistry / Floral: Friends /Invitations & Stationery: Minted / Venue: Private Property / Ceremony Hire Items: Elegant Vintage Hire Toowoomba / Ceremony Officiant: Kay Graham / Rental Furniture: Elegant Vintage Hire Toowoomba / Rental Furniture: Poppies for Willow / Band: Preserve the Moose /Catering: Annie Makim / Cake: Bride’s Mother / Wedding Rings: Hogans Family Jewellers

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