In memory of Ronald Close

In the early hours of Sunday, 15th of March 2015 my wife and I received some saddening news. Carla’s ‘Popsie’ had passed away. The end of a lifetime for a wonderful husband, a caring father and a beloved Popsie.  Ronald was an amazing person and made me personally feel like I needed to be a better man every time I left his presence.

In that later months of his life, Ronald struggled speak let alone move. However this didn’t stop him from being a respectful gentleman to those around him.  Despite Popsie’s difficulty to move, he would insist on standing to greet a lady or carry their bags even though they were more capable than he was. When Popsie first entered palliative care he moved slowly around the home  introducing himself to everyone he laid eyes on with the most stern handshake he could muster. Popsie was proof that chivalry still exists, and I for one have never met such a gentlemen.


There were three qualities in Popsie that always made me smile. 1) Popsie loved to eat his chippies before the family meal, this reminded me so much of my wife. 2) No matter how he felt, or what his circumstance Popsie would never complain. Ever! From this day forth whenever I hear the words “I’m fine thank you” I will always be reminded of Popsie. 3) The love he had for his wife Kath. A few weeks prior to Popsie’s passing Carla and I transported Gran to see him, and to sneak him in his favorite meal. When we entered his room he looked straight through me and Carla as it seemed he only had eyes for Granny. With eyes widened with glee and a smile beaming with love, you could tell that the two were the definition of soul mates. After our visit Popsie turned to me and Carla and said, “thank you for bringing my angel”. I was brought to tears watching Gran and Pops try to kiss each-other goodbye. With all his remaining strength Popsie was able to lean over close enough to receive a kiss on the forehead from Gran. “Good-bye my precious… good-bye my angel”, said repeatedly until their hands eventually separated.

with cj in hospital

Gran spent the last two weeks sleeping next to Popsie whilst he was in care. She insisted that she be next to him as he took his last breath, and that’s exactly how it happened. I told Gran that there was some comfort to be found in the fact that Popsie passed away with his true love by his side. Granny just smiled and said she wouldn’t have it any other way. I have such admiration for Gran and her ability to have stayed so strong throughout this entire ordeal. We’ve lost such a great man, but aren’t we lucky to have had Ronald in our lives.

To our Popsie

To our dearest Ronald, a humbling man you’ve been.

You’ve been the finest gentleman, to that I’ve ever seen.

I will miss you very much, just like all the rest.

We’ll miss you around the dinner table because you were simply just the best!

From your first grandson Grantie, to your darling Brittney Bate.

We were all barracking for you in your fight against ‘the fate’.

I’m sure your biggest worry was how your Kath would cope once you leave.

We all know you’ll be watching over her, giving her comfort as she grieves.

Don’t worry Popsie, we’re here for Granny. So in these words I’ll make a toast.

Just like your surname, we will always keep her Close.

Rest in Peace Ronald

J+C xx

We made a decision prior to Popsie’s death that we would name our finest suit after him. If you wish to view the ‘Ronald’ tuxedo click here.

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